About Us 


 Statement of Faith

Building Faith by:

Praying for God's Guidance
Hearing God's Word
Sharing God's Grace
Serving God's Children

Our name is Salem Evan­gel­ic­al Luther­an Church. We are evan­gel­ic­al and Luther­an. We are part of 10,000 con­greg­a­tions na­tion­ally and in Pu­erto Rico and Vir­gin Is­lands. We are part of 180 con­greg­a­tions in the North­east­ern Ohio Syn­od.

This is a com­munity that is Grow­ing in Faith To­geth­er. How does belonging to a com­munity make a dif­fer­ence in living our faith? This email re­ceived by a fel­low pas­tor from one of her pa­rish­ion­ers says it all:

I don't have to carry any­thing alone... even my faith. I of­ten sit there dur­ing liturgy and rest about everything... be­cause I am re­minded that when I can't pray, oth­ers in my com­mu­nity are pray­ing; when I can't sing, oth­ers are singing for me; when I have no faith, oth­ers have it for me; when I can­not be gra­cious, oth­ers are ex­tend­ing grace on my/our be­half. It's true - we can be whole only with­in com­mu­nity, only as a com­mu­nity.
 Parish Location

Salem Lutheran Church

4873 Cleveland Road
Wooster, OH · 44691

Office Hours: Mon-Thur 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
Rev. Sharon R. Brown


  Parish Ministry


Pastor: Sharon R. Brown

Parish Secretary: Deb Musil

Musician: Phyllis Maley

Church Council

2017 Congregational Council:

President Terry Bumgardner (Property)

Vice President Sam Woods (Fellowship)

Secretary Kathy Bumgardner (Faith Formation*)
*Worship & Music, Education, Youth

Treasurer Tabitha Burchett

Financial Secretary Max Powrie

Evangelism - Beth Ann Zimmerman

Finance/Stewardship - Patti Hoff

Property - Morris Richmond with Terry Bumgardner

Social Concerns - Lila Woods with Helen Raudebaugh

Pastor Sharon Brown

Ministry Team Liaisons

Growing in Faith Together:

Patti Hoff

Beth Ann Zimmerman

Sam Woods

Patti Hoff

Parish Education
Kathy Bumgardner

Morris Richmond

Social Ministry
Lila Woods/Helen Raudebaugh

Patti Hoff

Worship and Music
Kathy Bumgardner

Kathy Bumgardner

Cemetery Committee
Tom Carraway
Sherry Hughes
Max Powrie

Endowment Committee
Sam Woods
Don Palmquist
Amanda Herbert

Teams are formed as needed for par­tic­u­lar pro­jects throughout the year.

If you have an in­terest in any of these min­is­tries, please con­tact the Coun­cil Li­ais­on to see where your time and tal­ents can best be put to use.

 Parish Events


 Welcome to salem

Getting Around:

We have a "century" brick building that has been renovated several times over the years. What makes sense to those who have been attending Salem all their lives might need some explanation for visitors. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Handicap accessible?

Yes! We have an el­ev­at­or loc­ated at the back of the build­ing that will take you up to the sanc­tu­ary level or down to the fel­low­ship hall. It is un­locked on Sunday morn­ings. If you will need as­sist­ance or in­struc­tion on op­er­a­tion, please call the church of­fice (330-345-6727). Leave a mes­sage with a call-back num­ber if we are not in the of­fice. We have a handicap accessible restroom on the basement level.

Door to use?

Gen­er­ally for wor­ship and dur­ing of­fice hours, you can enter by the main door which leads in­to the sanc­tu­ary level. Of­ten for meet­ings or Sunday School and fel­low­ship events, the south­east en­trance is used to go down to the base­ment level.


Women's, Men's, and family restrooms are on the lower level.

Sunday School?

Adult Sunday School meets at 9:00AM in the lower level in the room west of the Kitchen.
September - May.

Faith Formation for Families?

(Area Churches Together in Our Neighborhoods)
For all ages, but especially suitable for school age children and families
· Messy Church - Wednesdays 5:30 -7:00 pm
at St. Paul Lutheran Church
777 S Summit St. in Smithville.
5:30 Dinner
6:00 Biblical storytelling and activities for all ages.
Join us for this shared faith formation ministry of St. Paul Lutheran and Salem Lutheran.
See Pastor Sharon for more details.


We celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday.

What about music?

Luther­ans love to sing. We use two dif­fer­ent hym­nals and six mu­sic­al set­tings throughout the year. We en­cour­age you to use the hym­nals (es­pe­cially when we switch to a new set­ting) to be­come fa­mil­i­ar with the mu­sic. Also, the words to the liturgy and hymns are pro­jec­ted on a screen as well. Take your time. At first you may just want to listen to the singing around you, or you can just jump right in. Con­greg­a­tion­al singing is not about per­form­ance, but is heart mu­sic. Read/listen to/sing the words. Hymns tell the story of our faith. We not only sing God's praises in wor­ship - we lament, we con­fess, we de­clare our com­mit­ment in song.

More about Salem?

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